Life deals up all sorts of complications that can rob you of your joy, peace and hope and can cause depression, fear and anxiety.  

You may have decided there is no way out and you are living in the depth of despair.  Or you may simply have decided to tolerate the situation and accept what life has dealt you with. 


White Lake, in Whitehall, Michigan, becomes the theme of this video clip.  Only six weeks earlier, it was completely frozen, cold and lifeless.   Definitely not a place you would want to visit. 

But something happened.  A season called Spring, came and now the lake is home to all sorts of birds and has become a playground for people.

Just like this frozen lake was transformed by a season, there are seasons of change the God will send which will transform you life from a miserable one to a blessed and prosperous one. 

Gil Howard-Browne

In case you are wondering.  These video's were shot by me and my two assistants ... my right and left arm.  So if you see the picture wobble, it is because I am reaching up with my free hand to try to shield the mic from the wind noise or to adjust the camera angle.  None of the videos were scripted.   All were recorded as is with no practice runs and no edits so that it would seem to you that I am talking directly to you.    Be Blessed.


NB: Depending on your Internet connection speed, the video may stop very briefly.  Just wait a second and it will continue to play.  If you let it play through to the end, you can replay it without any delays.   We are working on a lower bandwidth version and a version you can email to friends and family.


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