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"Transforming the thoughts of your mind" 
Every man, woman, boy or girl, has experienced both good and bad things in their
lives and the memories are etched in their minds for life. Some are so terrible, that
they affect our behaviour.
Part One
We can change our thoughts, with God's help, so that what troubled us will trouble us no more.
In this series, I discuss how thoughts can influence our lives in a negative or positive way.
This is not some sort of New Age thing, but based on scientific studies on the brain and how it works, I line up with scriptures
to bring understanding to the viewer. 
The mind is a complex organ and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.  A toxic mind leads to an unhealthy body. 
But with God's help, we can change the way we think and thus change the way we operate.
The Holy Spirit can help us overcome negative thoughts and bring us into a new way of life that is filled with blessing and
Part Two.
Attitudes form when we dwell on a
thought and are stored in a small
Almond sized part of the brain
called the Amigdala also referred
to as the library of the brain.
Those attitudes will affect our
behaviour, so that negative
thoughts will produce negative
attitudes and positive thoughts will
produce positive attitudes.
Part Two -  "Changing Attitudes" by Gil Howard-Browne (9 mins 25 sec.)
Part One  -  "Thoughts and how they affect us. "  by Gil (9 min 33 sec.)