The purpose of this site is to provide a place where you can be encouraged, blessed, and inspired in your walk with the Lord.  This site is Child friendly.  There is nothing here that will hurt anyone, only ENCOURAGE them.   The video clips that use various scenes, are all un-rehearsed and impromptu.   Most have been recorded on the spot while passing through an area.  I am my own camera man, so camera angles are not always the best.  The videos were all filmed by me and my two assistants  ... my left and right hand.  So if you see the video shaking slightly, it's because I am using one hand to shield the mic from the wind noise and the other hand to hold the camera up.   But it' s more real than a studio with lights and makeup.  The short videos happen when the Holy Spirit suddenly will prompt me to share an encouraging truth using a specific backdrop or scene as an analogy to a  biblical principle.   I use the little Flip Video digital camera that fits in my pocket.  So it is always ready for the "suddenlies" of the Holy Sprit. For example, using ...    Lake Michigan as an illustration of the vastness of the love and provision of God.   The Gettysburg, PA monuments to illustrate how memories affect us in our every day behavior.   The river scene as an illustration of the walk in the Spirit and the amazing life that we can have in Jesus.  The White Lake Michigan  scene in spring being the opposite of what it looked like just a few weeks earlier  in the winter when it was completely frozen, illustrating the truth that there are seasons of change and whatever your situation is today, you can trust God to help you and bring you into a new and blessed season.  The idea began to burn in me after I did a few clips on the Holy Spirit and received several very encouraging emails from a pastor friend of mine.  Several others testified that the videos had ministered to them greatly and blessed them. This is a NO HYPE Site  :  There is so much hype in Christian media today and I wanted an atmosphere that would be more "one on one",  as if you the viewer and I were conversing with you in a normal way. So I pray that this web site becomes an instrument that God uses to bless, encourage, and help you through the  difficult times and the good times.   Most of the videos will be 5 to 10 minutes long.  The teaching videos on the Holy Spirit and the Anointing, are all under 30 minutes. Although the content is Christian and bible based, the principles will help everyone if you view it with an open mind.     We add content as often as possible.  Usually when I go to a new area and see something of interest I do a new video.  Like my recent trip to Norway.  When I saw the Larvik Fjord, I got inspiration to do the video on stability  ...  So please come back often.    We added a section “ Story Time with Aunty Loraine” specially for the kids.  There are two video stories at present, “Temba and the Crocodile” and “The Adventures of Boombah and the Beetle Be encouraged.       Gil & Loraine Howard-Browne
The Larvic Fjord, Norway, was one of many created by great ancient glaciers that covered Norway thousands of years ago.  It’s a picture of stability and longevity.  God wants us to be solid like a rock, unmovable by the storms of time.       Filmed in Norway.
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